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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the meeting point?

RocknRolla Bar in Taksim



How can I pay?

You pay at the meeting point in cash before the Pub Crawl starts.

Or you can buy your ticket online and save 5 Euro.


What type of games do you play?

We play ice-breaking games to get to know each other in first 2 bars. Then we play fun drinking games whole night.


What does the fee include?
Fee includes free admission to 4-5 bars & clubs, 4 cocktail shots, 2 beers, drinking games, party guides, lots of photos and good times with other guests


Should I be over 18 years old to join the pub crawl?

Yes, according to Turkish Laws you must be over 18 in order to get in the bar.


Do I have to drink all drinks?


You don't have to drink all drinks that the fee includes. You can give them to your team mates. They will drink with pleasure :)


Can I make a team with my friends?


As long as you inform us about your friends that you wanna be with before the event time, We will do something ;)


How many task do we do?

There is no limit. If you do alot of tasks your team earns more point and of course you enjoy alot.


What is the price of the winner team?

For sure a shot for each team member and some surprises :)

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