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Meet us @ Muaf Beyoglu, Taksim, Istanbul

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Team Members

Our crew is ready to make you fly high!





Çagdas is fresh graduate, well officially an engineer, but also an experienced organiser. He loves entertaining people as much as he enjoys his life. Thanks to his past events, he knows the best and cheapest pubs, clubs, cafés in town. Çagdas is also a latin expert and a drummer. He never stops smiling, because he has always a reason to smile. If you are on his team, then you will go on a magical pub journey through the night and you will not regret at the end.








Oytun is one of the most energetic, encouraging and adventurous pub crawl team captains in Istanbul. As night goes on, even at 4:00 a.m. Oytun is always switched on. Nothing can tire him. He is the master of so many games and sings really well. If you're selected on his team, then a spectacular night is waiting for you; full of unforgettable moments. You won't feel like a foreigner, as long as you're together with Oytun Mertol.




Mustafa, TR


Marketing & Sales






Burcu, TR




Hatice, TR


Team Captain







Doğa Su, TR


Social Media

Simge, TR


Team Captain

Viktor, DE


Web Editor

Sam, IR


Vice Captain

Günel, AZ


Vice Captain







Merve, TR


Vice Captain

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