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How Pub Crawl works

Imagine that you have just arrived in Istanbul and you have no idea about the nightlife or where to go out, or you are an exchange student and you wanna party with all other party-goers.

Well, we got you covered! Join the Pub Crawl!


​Istanbul Pub Crawl, also known as Istanbul Bar Crawl, is an adventurous bar tour which brings international travelers, backpackers, students and young professionals  together in Istanbul every Friday and Saturday night. All participants are divided into different teams including 5-10 people each and each team has an expert team captain aka "party guide". You visit 4-5 different bars & clubs, spend about an hour at each bar, get your welcome shots, play ice-breaking games and drinking games, do some fun tasks all night long and earn the point. Finally we end up in a night club and PARTY all night!


This is how you will most probably feel like during the night:)






First Pub


Shy & Nervous

Second Pub


Relax & Sociable

Third Pub


 Tipsy & Talkative



  Drunk & Happy


Lots of new friends


The Rules


   1. ​Be on time at the meeting location.

   2. On the way to the first pub you should choose a name for your team.

   3. Teams are allowed to enter the bar, as long as there is no other group is inside that bar. (In that                 case you have to wait outside.)

    4. For any task you choose to complete, you must prove the completion to your team's captain.

       (Take a photo etc.)

   5. Drinking is not obligatory but recommended to have maximum FUN !

    6. Your team captain will announce the order of the pub visits, you have to find the pubs yourselves

   7. You can also gain more points for your team with any crazy idea of your own, but you have to                   prove that to your team captain.

    8. Be prepared to reach your FINAL DESTINATION at 00.00 am.


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