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Running Dinner

Running Dinner is an original concept of having dinner with a group of ppl at multiple flats at one night.

You can register your team as Host or Guest.

Each Host Team hosts 3 different Guest Teams and each Guest Team visits 3 different flats (Host Teams) in the same district during the night.

Finally all teams meet in Taksim for a mad party at the end of the night.

Totaly free of charge ;)

  Host Teams (2-5 people)

- Become from the people who live in the flat

- Host 3 different teams during the night.

- Cook 3 dishes for the guest teams

    Prepare starter for the 1st guest team

    Prepare main course for 2nd guest team

    Prepare dessert for the 3rd guest team

- Drink for free thanks to Guest Teams :)


  Guest Teams (4-5 people)

- Become from a group of friends or random ppl

- Visit 3 different flats nearby during the night

    1st flat for the starter

    2nd flat for the main course

    3rd flat for the dessert

- Bring alcohol to share with the host teams

- Have address of the flats, so find out easily

- Have a dinner for free thanks to Host Teams


20.00 Starter (1st Flat)

21.00 Main course (2nd Flat)

22.00 Dessert & Predrink (3rd Flat)

00.00 Party in Taksim

If your team cooks well and loves hosting guests 

If your team would be better guest rather than cook

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